About Us

Our company was established in 2013, the high quality products with 15 years of experience service that aims to offer you, is committed to keeping customer satisfaction.

Mission - Vision

Our company has the vision of a dream deducted in advance, and the mission is considered as a point of view that should be available to realize this dream.

Creating distinctions, our primary goal is to give our money on our quality and stability to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is always kept in the forefront, followed by the constantly evolving and changing technology innovation, technical knowledge and aims to develop the skills.

Since we established to be useful to our country´s economy as a sacred duty and we know to be the best without compromising the quality standards of the industry, domestically are progressing surely to take a position on changing and evolving market.

Production Areas

- DKP, HRP, 6mm thick galvanized steel, CNC press brake bending 3m length

- Stainless steel 3mm in thickness, length 3m CNC press brake bending

- DKP-gz-hrp is up to 3mm thick sheet metal, stainless steel sheet in 1.50 mm thickness CNC punch cutting

- DKP-gz is-hrp and stainless welding

- Electrostatic powder coating

- Special design and implementation